(Banana Republic hem dress, Ann Taylor heels and tote, H&M accessories)

Hello muses! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I helped a friend with a Youtube channel she is about to launch and celebrated the birthday of a very dear friend of mine. But with all the on-camera silliness and gluttonous cake eating, there’s one topic that kept coming up all weekend long – friendships. It seems my friends have reached a point in their lives where they just want to surround themselves with those who have been there with them through thick and thin. Or as one of my friends put it “If you and I aren’t having real talk, then we don’t need to be friends”. They want to keep their circles small and authentic. I couldn’t agree with them more. The friendships I’ve developed over the years (and the ones since childhood) are profoundly important to me. I have some serious road dogs by my side. The kind of friends who lift me up, got my back and will come to my house with a homemade meal when I’m not feeling well. If your friends are not putting in the same TLC into the relationship than you are, it’s time to re-evaluate.
banana republic
When it comes to friendships, it’s all about making time as we get older. Like grabbing a drink or spending a few hours shopping the sale racks. It’s the little things that keep the bond strong. With one of my dearest friends in tow, I found this cute dress at Banana Republic and fell in love with the color. At first, I wasn’t too convinced about the shape (Was it going to make me look boxy? Was it going to be too short). My friend’s face of disapproval didn’t help either. But it looked so darn comfortable, I just needed to know if it was going to work. You can never tell on the hanger. Turned out, they didn’t have my size (I’m usually a 4 or a 6). But being the insistent person that I am, I looked at the petite rack (At 5’7″, I never shop in that section). I sealed my eye on the 10 petite. It looked like it may possibly fit so I thought ‘eh, what the heck’. Even though my friend gave it the side eye 100 times, I tried it on. Surprisingly, it fit. Since it was a petite, the waist was higher and the bottom was wider giving my hips plenty of room. Who knew? My friend still didn’t love it but she agreed it looks much better on. As I contemplated the purchase of this dress (because I over-think things), we talked about body image and what we feel suits us, what doesn’t and going out of comfort zones when it comes to style. Because that’s what girlfriends do, right? Whether it’s shopping for a dress or dealing with a difficult situation, there’s nothing like the love of a solid, good friend to share the short and long journeys with. If you have a friend you need to reach out to but never find the time, make the time. A simple call or a cup of coffee is all it takes.

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