(Interview) an organic and sweet experience

Mmmmmm. Doesn’t this look a-ma-zing? This delicious stack of goodness is all organic and tastes so good, you won’t feel an ounce of guilt enjoying each scoop. Not only will this strawberry, mint and chocolate pretzel cone get your taste buds going but the story behind this treat is just as sweet … with a sprinkle of inspiration for those of you who dream of starting your own business.
I share a special relationship with my mom and always dreamt that one day we would launch our own business together so when I heard about Ann and Beth (mom and daughter business duo) of Beachy Cream, I really wanted to meet them. I interviewed them this past weekend and got to taste a few of their delicious ice cream and gluten-free cookie recipes. I’d say it was an afternoon well spent.
Why did you go into business together?
Ann (mom): I had careers doing other things and I wanted to do something that was different and fun. I had this idea … I wanted to do ice cream like I remember from my childhood. Real ice cream. But done in a newer, healthier and organic way.
Beth (daughter): I had a clothing business. A friend and I met at a baby class and decided to make baby clothes. I was also the (ice cream) taster. We started promoting through event planners and catering in Malibu. We were the only ones doing what we were doing … with pin up girls and organic ice cream. My mom was focusing on the recipes and I started helping with social media and promoting events … bugging people until they finally gave in! Then we opened up in Santa Monica and we’ve been here for three years.

My childhood ice cream was Mister Softee (so not organic)! Why did you choose organic as opposed to the recipes many of us grew up with?

Ann: When I read about all the things that are in non-organic foods like pesticides, hormones … I started to eat in a more organic way. So if I am going to make food products, it has to reflect my beliefs and my values.
organic icecream beacy cream - theArtMuse
Did you notice any changes in your health and well-being when you went organic?
Ann: I think it’s partially mind and partially body. I think I’m remarkably healthy for my age, and I have a lot of energy. I have to have a lot of energy to run this business. Not only do we have this but we sell in 55 stores – In the five years since we’ve been doing this. When we started we knew nothing about starting a business and the food industry. It was really hard to figure things out with the health dept, the city … how to buy ingredients and manage production. In addition to learning from doing it, we attended a lot of conferences. So now I’m teaching a class for those who want to start a food business so they can get the benefit of this advice in one place.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to take their passion project to the next level?

Ann: Find a mentor. Somebody who has gone through it themselves. You are always going to make mistakes when you start a business, but the more you information you can get, the better off you will be. In general, unless you’re really passionate about what you’re doing you’re not going to be successful. It’s really hard to start a business. There are going to be times you want to give up. But if you have that passion and that feeling that you have to do this no matter what – then those are the keys to success.

I had a really great time with Beth and Ann. They were so welcoming and passionate about their product and proof that you must truly believe in what you’re doing in order to be successful. They went in there and learned everything they could about the industry. They networked and came up with fun marketing ideas that fit their vision and style. For example, the pin-up girls branding comes from their appreciation of simpler times. You know, when going to the ice cream shop was a perfectly fine idea for a date? You guys know how much I love a less is more kind of life. This is totally my kind of place (Oh, and did I mention that the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies were awesome?)

Want to try that sexy little ice cream sandwich? You can check them out at their storefront in Santa Monica or at stores like Gelson’s and Wholefoods (You must try their vegan coconut ice-cream!). Or if you’re interested in learning more about starting your own food business, take a class with Ann!

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  1. Truly inspirational! I totally agree with Ann about seeking a mentor. A mentor can guide entrepreneurs with their experience and make the entrepreneurial journey less daunting. :-)

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