Swirl. Sip. Stroll.

Pasadena Wine Walk

I live in the Pasadena area and realized that I blog way more about things I do and see around the country than what’s happening in my own backyard. It makes no sense to me because I absolutely adore this city. I reached out to several businesses to see what was happening around town, and was quickly invited to the Playhouse District Wine Walk. How cool is that? You buy a ticket, show up at the Pasadena Playhouse, they give you a map and a glass for an evening of swirling, sipping and strolling.

Swirl. Sip. Stroll. Playhouse District Wine Walk.

I took my fellow foodie friend Maura for the experience, and soon learned that we were lightweights and were only able to handle three small glasses before also realizing that we could not make it to the 6 out of 14 locations we were invited to. But we did get to see an art show, hang out at the most adorable coffee shop and make new ‘wine connoisseur’ friends. 

If you plan to visit Pasadena and love, wine, coffee and fashion, here are the businesses that participated in the event. They may not all be serving wine when you go, but they’re definitely worth a visit. 

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