Brunch at the Getty Villa

Lunch at the Getty Museum
The reason for visiting an art museum is pretty obvious. You’re there to see art. However, museums are pretty awesome for other things 1. shopping (yes, I totally condone exiting through the gift shop) 2. eating. Not every museum has a great cafe, but many do and they’re pretty perfect if you’re looking for place to brunch.

The Getty Villa Cafe 

My fiance and I visited the Getty in Malibu with the sole intention of getting our grub on. The art stroll was our second priority. What can I say, we like to eat. And I make no qualms about discussing a good salmon over a Roman or Greek bust any day. This is coming from someone who paid a pretty penny on art history classes. Take it from me, feel free to enjoy the many of other aspects of visiting museums without reservation. Dessert included. 

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Lunch at the Getty Museum
Museums are more than their galleries (If you’re a curator, please don’t hate me for saying that). They’re an experience. You contribute to their existence by enjoying their other services as well. Many people feel as though they have to do a full-on museum visit for the entire day, which in my opinion can be pretty exhausting and discourages another visit in the near future. Unless you’re visiting a country or state, I say, spread out your visits. Save some curiosity for a “next time.” Go for lunch and stop by a few galleries. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with every detail. Come back again for a lecture and dinner. Visit again for a performance. Or try that dessert that looked so good the last time. 

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Lunch at the Getty Museum
For example, whatever was in this bread pudding merits another visit, and I will back for more. Perhaps we can make it a dinner date on a lecture night. The Getty Villa cafe is super casual but they serve a nice variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes (that you can enjoy with a glass of wine), and they have indoor and outdoor seating. Dining outside as the sun went down was lovely, and gave us all the romantic feels while we sipped our tea. My fiance and I get a kick out of the quieter moments, what can I say. 

I’ll be back with more about our visit. In the meantime, if you’re in LA, head over to Malibu for a glass of wine and art.

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