In-n-Out with Art Streiber and The Oscars

Art Streiber, the Oscars Oh my goodness, friends. I have tons photos and unfinished posts that need to go up, but our Summit is happening this week .. and I have not been able to complete everything in time. But today is the Oscars, and in honor of this show, I’d like to share this really fun Art Streiber photography exhibit I attended a few weeks ago at Smashbox Studios.
Art Streiber, the Oscars

I’m actually not a movie buff nor do I even know about half of the movies being nominated, but my son dreams of being a film maker one day so we use this as a time to sit and chat about films, actors and so on. In fact, we make it a full-on taco night with the fixin’s.
Art Streiber, the Oscars I was pretty bummed he didn’t come with us to this show, especially since we bumped into his childhood friend on the way there (the son of my friend Terah, who is standing next to me). Only in LA do you look over to your right and find your lost child on the freeway. He somehow ended up in Culver City on his way to DTLA. We have no idea how that happened but we convinced him to do the art rounds with us.
Art Streiber, the Oscars Art Streiber is an award-winning photographer, whose subjects include entertainment and sports personalities. His work ranges from magazine covers, movie posters to advertisements. He’s also taken countless photos of what happens behind-the-scenes at the Oscars, which was the focus of this exhibition.
Art Streiber, the OscarsAnd because the Oscars go hand in hand with In-n-Out, there was also a truck there for attendees who could not do an evening of art without a Double, Double, Animal Style.
Art Streiber, the OscarsTo see more of Art Streiber‘s work, head over to his site. Have a fantastic Oscar night! 

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