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It’s officially the year of the (water) snake – A year promising to bring in fireworks of passions and unexpected happenings. It also promises to inspire with serene wisdom while creating harmony and good relationships. Well, that is a quite a promise. And if Mr. Snake, the regal aristocratic master of his Chinese zodiac domain, keeps to his intellectual, shrewd reputation then I think 2013 is certainly going to be pretty darn good.

Coincidentally, my son and I have been going over Ancient China for Social Studies. We paid a visit to the Pacific Asia Museum to look at a bit of jade, see a few artifacts and enjoy the surrounding grounds. Sadly, it’s going to be one of the things I miss doing on a random afternoon while all the kids are at school. I recently made the decision (along with my son) to re-register him back into “regular” school. So many variables led to this decision but I think he gained so much during his one on one experiences with me, and his grandmothers (who taught Language Arts and Literature). He is perfectly fine with the change and is looking forward to seeing his friends again. I feel confident that he will make smart choices and will proceed with all that he has learned here at home.

He’s growing up so fast. It shocks me to hear how his voice is changing and woah! Is that a mustache? His taste is evolving as well. After years of requesting jerseys and sweat pants, he is now admiring watches and suits. His classic white shirt and jeans look was all him. And did I mention he has a collection of Tommy Bahama cologne? Watching a boy become a young man is such an amazing experience.

And as far as Mr. Snake is concerned … I’m hoping to win this lover of all things shiny over. I hear you love a luxurious home, which is great because I’m finally redecorating and changing everything (will be blogged about). I also hear you bring luck in business, and so far you’ve been on point. So ready for whatever else you have in store. Here’s to new beginnings, love, happiness and change.

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  1. ¡Felicidades Rachel! This sounds like a great new adventure for you both. I´m sure your boy will do just fine, and you´ll find a whole new chunk of time to devote to yourself… not that will be the interesting part! ;)
    I always love reading about parenting boys. Oh gosh, right now reading about his voice changing seems so far away from my reality, but I know it will be here sooner than I think. So, thanks for giving me a glimpse at how wonderful it can be.
    Yay for the Year of the Snake!

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