the lunch date

THML boho chic dress
(THML dress, Zara shoes old similar, Ann Taylor tote)

Hello lovely muses! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. I actually got to enjoy some rest (why are naps so amazing?) and sunshine in Santa Monica. I think I broke a record – I actually went to the west side twice in one week. I’ve become one of those LA people who just sticks to their corner of the world and dreads the freeway. A few lifetimes ago, I actually dabbled in acting and sat in traffic for hours running from one audition to the next. I guess my then passion for the craft made the 405 more bearable. Once that was gone, the freeways became just as fun as sitting in a mall parking lot on a hot summer day. I was over it and decided that sticking to my cozy little surroundings is more my thing – unless I’m going to a special place that requires filling up my tank or getting on a plane. However, the problem with sticking to comfy suburban(ish) life is that you lose the ability to function on a busy boulevard as a driver. I went to Cecconi’s in West Hollywood for a client ‘lunch date’ with friends and co-workers and embarrassingly got lost. It’s on Melrose. No one should get lost on Melrose. It’s really not that complicated. As a person who grew up in New York, I felt highly ashamed of myself for becoming so comfortable. But once I got home, I was over that feeling as well. There’s nothing like the serenity of my neighborhood filled with quaint restaurants and boutiques. No fuss. Simple. Peaceful.
Simplifying my life has highly influenced my personal style. I love clothes and all things beautiful, but it can’t be a big production. I love the idea of throwing on a dress and heading out the door, which makes this outfit so perfect. I wore this THML embroidered tank dress (love the Mandarin inspired collar!) to Cecconi’s, and I have to say that it’s a lot easier to be in stuck in traffic and lost when you’re comfortable. Was that my motto ten years ago? Not at all. When it comes to style, you have to go with what works for you and your lifestyle.

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