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Midi skirts for fall @theartmuse

I bought this skirt for the Inspire Orgullo brunch we hosted last month, but it was way too hot. I ended up wearing this harem instead. Then I thought, OK, I can wear it for the Q&A I moderating for Digital Influencer Lab. Nope, still too hot. Instead, I decided to just wear it for my blog. It’s been sitting in my closet waiting to make a debut. Why not here? LA will cool down eventually, right? Can we stop wearing summer clothes? I’ve been dying to wear rich blues and reds, knit tops, boots, scarves … Ah! I can’t wait. I love seasons. We really don’t get them here, but it does cool down. Any breeze will do at this point.
Midi skirts for fall @theartmuse

Sometimes I sit and day dream about the NYC winters I grew up with. Oh, how I miss them. Until of course, that cold front attacks me when I turn a city corner and I’m like – Heck no! I’m going back to Cali! That, I don’t miss. I miss the romanticized version of east coast winters that I have carefully selected to remember. December dinners at Tavern on the Green, anyone? Holiday window displays on 5th avenue? Yaass. When you focus on the east coast’s seasonal magic (from afar), you forget all those stories about their terrible winters. Well, except for that time I ran home backwards in the snow at 1am to avoid the cold sleet hitting my face. That was brutal. I don’t think I could ever forget that. But I digress.

Midi skirts for fall @theartmuse
Zara knit top, Ann Taylor midi skirt and clutch similar, Banana Republic pumps,

I must have New York on my mind because our company is hosting a brunch in Brooklyn this weekend, and I can’t go. We have way too much work here for me to take care of and another event in LA in December. Can’t do it all. But come to think of it … maybe I can wear this skirt to our LA event. Now there’s an idea.


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