5 reasons to shop Fair trade fashion

reasons to shop fair trade
One of the first clients in my solopreneur journey was Unique Batik, a Fair trade fashion company. Through them, I learned a great deal about ethical shopping and how it benefits artisans around the world. I was also sent a few pretty items, and just love to see all of the handmade details.
reasons to shop fair trade
Fair trade seems to be the buzz word these days, but it’s so much more than that.

Here are 5 reasons to shop Fair trade fashion:

Gorgeous options

Don’t worry about having to give up your personal style. With a simple Google search, you can find tons of brands who take pride in knowing their goods are created by people who are being treated fairly.

All in the details

You can see the human touch in ever fair trade item you purchase. From bead work to textiles, your purchase brings you close to the artisan who created it.

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Smart shopping

Your money doesn’t just get you a beautiful one-of-kind scarf or necklace, it helps people. Fair Trade Certified products are sourced responsibly from families all over the world. Your purchase directly impact communities.

You’re part of a movement

If we can all get down with some fair trade shopping, we can improve the quality of life for others as well as the climate. Many clothing items are hand-dyed and made, which means less factory pollution.

You can feel good about style

Feeling good about your style will go beyond what you see in the mirror. Fair trade products must meet ethical standards, which means workers have a right to unionize, there’s no child labor involved and work conditions are carefully monitored.

reasons to shop fair trade

To learn more, stop by Fair Trade Federation. 

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