Mother’s Day giveaway

Mothers Day giveaway
Every year, I do a Mother’s Day giveaway because I love my fellow mommies. Parenting is certainly not for the weak. From diapers, toddler tantrums, long homework nights, doctor visits, middle school (oh, those are some interesting years), high school to the day your child says “I do”, it is all an emotional roller coaster.

{Giveaway} Mother’s Day “Looped Jewels” necklace

Right now, I’m knee deep into the teen years, which has really made me empathize with my mom. Although my son is a good kid and doesn’t give me a lot of trouble, he is quite the social butterfly on the weekends. I can’t sleep when he’s at a party or at a friend’s house (or as they call it today, a kickback). I worry about every thing imaginable, and I think about all the nights my mother stayed up late waiting for me. Until he is in his bed, I can’t seem to relax. My mom was the same way. And back then, we didn’t have cell phones. At least, my son and I are in communication via text and Snapchat. My poor mom was left at the mercy of calling my friends to find me or (I’m going to age myself) left waiting in line for me to return my beeper calls. Yes, I said beeper! 

If you’ve had a moment in your parenting journey where you’ve totally empathized with your mom (abuela or caretaker), I would love for you to share that in the comments for a chance to win this gorgeous handmade raspberry and jade “Looped Jewels” necklace valued at $98.00

Mothers Day giveaway

Smadar, the artisan behind this lovely necklace, hand-sculpts each creation by twisting gold-plated wire into a series of loops and then dipping them into colorful resins. The necklace has a lobster clasp and can be worn at either 18 inches or 20 inches. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

It can be worn with a tee and denim or an evening dress. I love it so much, I want you to have one too as my gift to you for being an amazing mom.

The winner will be randomly chosen through The giveaway ends on Friday, May 12th at 9am PST. By Saturday May 13th, the winner will receive an email in addition to me announcing it here on the blog. The winner must respond within 48 hours otherwise another winner be chosen. US only. Good luck!

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  1. I’ve empathathized so much with my mom now that I’m a mom. The worrying about the things, the constant feeling being needed. I realize so much more now how many times she choose to put us before herself & how much she sacrificed in order to be present for us

  2. This post and necklace are so lovely! A time when I’ve empathized with my mom is when I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. The joys and fears that come with being a new mom, along with all of the body-drama and unexpected things pregnancy can bring (like stretch marks and night sweats!), taught me how much of a sacrifice motherhood is – right from the very start. I had a greater appreciation for my mom and the sacrifices she made for me, as I walked down my journey toward becoming one myself.

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