it’s december

This is what I do when my son agrees to wear anything other than an Eagles jersey. I photograph it and make a collage. I saw this jacket at Old Navy and loved the shade of blue. I paired it up with a pair of cords and a sweater from Target, and done. We have ourselves a non-Eagles look for the Winter.

Oh, and stop on by Hey Mikey to see a non-video game review. We’re just breaking all the rules today.

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  1. Brown and blue are one of my favorite color combo’s…. good work mama! Plus he is so easy on the eyes… I feel sorry for you when he gets about 3 to 5 years older… :) Enjoy his youth now!

  2. Your son is very handsome and sharp as a whistle, u must be very proud, good job Rachel, and yes the blue looks
    Good. He’s stylin, have a great day,,

  3. Mikey like you can not take a bad picture, he is a beautiful child. And so smart with a sharp mind and a gentle kind soul. I just adore him. You did so good

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