Alt Winter

slcThis last trip to Salt Lake City was pretty special to me. It was the first time I’ve got on a plane – alone – since being unwell two years ago. I’m a nervous flyer, so just getting back on a plane was huge for me. On one hand I was thrilled to head off on my own with all my new found health and perspective on life. On the other hand, I was terrified of getting vertigo or a symptom that would leave me in a lot of pain. I’m happy to report, none of that happened. Although my neck alignment did go out upon landing at SLC, I held up pretty well the few days I was there. That was a relief as I was in SLC to speak on a panel at Alt Summit. 

Alt Winter 2016 

The conference took place at Grand America Hotel, which was just a beautiful as I remember it, except this time I got to enjoy the beautiful snowcapped mountains. Ah, what a treat. I got to wear a coat, gloves and a scarf unlike my previous visit in the Spring. After what seemed like the longest summer ever, I was more than happy to feel a bit of cold. 

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I’m usually running around during conferences, but this time I decided to really take in every moment of this little get-a-way. I was only there for two nights so I really wanted to take it all in. In fact, I didn’t pack my laptop and made sure to set up work matters as much as I could before leaving (that’s the beauty of now working with a bigger team). My friend and fellow blogger Kathy aka Crafty Chica spent one night with me in the room. We pretty much chatted most of the time about anything and everything over coffee and macaroons. When you live with guys (fiance and son), believe me, you love yourself some girl talk! I also soaked in a hot bath, ordered room service and relaxed as much as I could between sessions.
I spent the second night by myself lost in my thoughts and feeling so very grateful that I was well enough to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I don’t take these opportunities for granted one bit. Alt Summit was a spectacular event with so many great women (and 6 men!). I got to meet some of my favorite influencers and made some really nice connections. Kathy and I started the trip with a few early bird sessions and a dinner hosted by Maurices followed by decadent dessert. Our second day was spent learning, meeting sponsors and taking notes .. and eating some more!

altpanelOur panel – Everything you need to know to be a Snapchat and Periscope pro – was a success. I was honored to speak with Kathy Cano-Murillo, Cathy Olson and Marisa Cummings. They’re amazing artists who have embraced social media to spread their message and build their businesses. Video can be a scary thing, especially if you’re a creative and like to spend your time being in the moment with your work. There’s also the challenge of coming up with content all the time, but what most people don’t realize is that they are the story. The experiences, the knowledge, the journey … that’s the story. For example, there will be dozens of Alt Summit recaps. None of which will be the same. 

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Alt Summit, you’re always so good to me! Looking forward to the next one. In the meantime, I need to learn how to make that veggie frittata. 

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