5 characteristics of a Boss Lady

I wanted to write a post about our #WeAllGrowMIA event back in September but I had nothing to share.

How’s that even possible? Well, when you’re in charge of overseeing social media coverage there’s no such thing as sitting down and taking it all in. Add Miami heat and humidity to the mix, and the only sitting I did manage to sneak in was anywhere I could find a breeze.

Shew, it was a scorcher.

No matter how much I was running around, there was no doubt that this event was the epitome of a Boss Lady celebration. So instead of giving you a breakdown of the day, I decided to share what was at the core of the message that we, as a company, strive to convey with every event we do.

YOU are talented. YOU are brilliant. YOU are a Boss Lady.

characteristics of a boss lady

5 Characteristics of a Boss Lady

We all have our moments, but you know that self-doubt is just making a quick appearance to make sure you’re grounded and focused. You’re thankful for every one of those moments because you learn from them, and use them to stand your ground and take charge.

characteristics of a boss lady

Emotionally Intelligent
In the wise words of Kimora Lee Simmons (Yes, I did read her book Fabulosity), “If you lose it, you’ve lost.” As a Boss Lady, you know this very well. Yes, you will have a slip-up. There are people out there who will test your patience, but you have the ability to step back, identify the way you feel and manage your emotions. You’re self-aware and cognizant of the way people feel around you. You know how to shift the energy in the room into a productive one instead of allowing it drain you. See also: Confidence.

A Great Communicator
Being a strong communicator doesn’t mean you must feel at home at a podium speaking to crowd. It doesn’t mean you’ve mastered AP style writing or that you’ve authored a dozen books. Sure, being a great communicator is important if you want to do those things. But it doesn’t define what it means to effectively communicate with others.

Communication comes in all forms, like being a great listener, having a warm smile, making eye contact, exuding a pleasant energy, exhibiting empathy for others, respecting opinions that may not fall in line with your beliefs and having an open-mind. Whether you’re assertive or quiet, you have the ability to move and be moved.

Success isn’t going to happen if you don’t carry yourself with honesty and integrity. You know this very well. Great leaders don’t cheat their way to the top. You do the right thing without needing praise. When people want advice, they come to you because they trust you.

Boss Lady Gaby Espino

You may not have reached your ultimate goal just yet, but your ambitious energy is what makes people navigate toward you. Your ambition, confidence, charisma and authenticity is what makes you a Boss Lady.

I hope this list truly illustrates that being a Boss Lady has nothing to do with the job you have or the car you drive. It’s about taking ownership of your life. The work that you do for yourself will manifest itself into opportunities designed for your greatness.

To think, I started this post admitting that I once felt I had nothing to share from my experience. But like a true Boss Lady, I allowed myself to go there for a minute. I knew I would eventually prove myself wrong. 

Photos: Nico Stipcianos

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