Word for 2017: Vivacious

plunging neckline

Instead of going over what I want to do in 2017, I decided to come up with a word that embodies the way I want to feel. After a year of health issues coming and going, I can certainly say that the “ups” were the best in my life. I loved the days when I felt spirited, alive, inspired and sexy. the word that best encompasses the way I want to feel is vivacious. 

Word for 2017: Vivacious

Identifying this feeling helps me plan what I need to do every day without feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Lemon water in the morning for healthy digestion 
  • Less coffee intake so I won’t crash later in the day
  • Healthy breakfast and meals throughout the day
  • Morning walks with friends before getting on the computer to work
  • Two green juices a day (the best natural booster!)
  • Avoid computer fatigue by taking at least 10 minute breaks a few times a day (get those stretches in)
  • Eat a proper lunch away from work at a table nowhere near electronics 
  • Meditation (I do it before bed but would love to start a morning routine)
  • Yoga to keep the circulation going
  • Create art, look at art and live in art 
  • Become closer to nature (because healing powers)

These simple acts make a huge difference. Huge. Yet, it’s so easy for me to just dive into work and not look up until the end of the day. By 5pm, I’m exhausted. However, when I do the above mentioned list, I feel like I took care of myself. That alone is uplifting. 

I want sustainable energy. I don’t want to rely on caffeine to keep me going. Even on those days when my jaw hurts, I want to feel physically strong enough to get through it. On the days that I feel good, I want to feel sexy and flirty (better than just “good”).

You can write all the resolutions in the world but if you don’t have a clear idea of what it is you want to feel, you will be chasing a list with no end in sight. Eventually, that list will fail. Chase the feeling, and watch those goals hit their mark on their own. 

With this word in mind, I added a few beauty products and dresses. When you look good, you feel good. I picked out a few dresses for those amazing days (that feel like a date night) from Tobi. I mean, a plunging neckline? Yes, please. I’m determined to have more of this in my life. 






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