Cassava is the new corn

Grain Free Cassava Tortilla ChipsI’ve been gluten-free since March, and feel so much better. Inflammation is down, energy is up and I no longer suffer from stomach and digestive issues (unless I’ve been accidentally glutened). 

However, the problem has been that I substituted breads and pastas with grains like rice and corn. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as many tortilla chips as I have this past year. I seriously cannot get enough of them. They’ve been a huge comfort when I needed to snack on something when I was no longer able to reach for crackers. There was a time when I was able to eat anything I wanted. As I’ve gotten older, my body has changed and I’ve had to make many adjustments. 

Grain Free Cassava Tortilla Chips

Although I don’t think all grains need to go from my diet (especially whole grains), I certainly want to cut down on the amount I eat. I figured I should start with my addiction to tortilla chips. I tried the lime, nacho and sea salt flavors from Siete Foods, and I’m blown away by how good they taste (this is a not a sponsored post!). I really love how light and crunchy they are. In fact, I served a bowl at a holiday party, and they were hit. No one believed me when I said they were made with cassava, and not corn. 

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I haven’t cooked or baked with cassava flour as of yet, but I’m now very intrigued. Although it’s been almost a year since I’ve had to change my diet, there’s still so much to learn about food and how my body reacts to what I eat. Let me tell you, once you discover one food sensitivity, a hundred others start to surface. 

If you’re looking to make your next chips and salsa a healthier one, I totally suggest you give these grain-free tortilla chips a go. They’re now available at Whole Foods. 
Grain Free Cassava Tortilla Chips

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