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vedge12I just noticed that all of my pictures from Vedge Restaurant are void of people. That’s probably because the food was THAT good. I just focused on the burst of flavor in every bite. People? What people?

I’m so not exaggerating about how delicious the food was at Vedge. I find that really good vegetarian dishes are a feast for the taste buds. The mix of flavors and ingredients is always a fun discovery for those of us who rely on steak and chicken to be at the core of every meal.
Vedge Restaurant, Philadelphia

Vedge Restaurant

All of the food pictured here was not consumed by just me, so I can’t give you the full (flavorful) experience. But according to the other 10 or so people at our table, everything was beyond amazing, including this pole beans dish prepared with vindaloo, pistachio and mint. 
Vedge Restaurant, PhiladelphiaGrilled seitan with horseradish, pickled celery and charred kohlrabi slaw. 
Vedge Restaurant, PhiladelphiaOK, this was my dish. O-M-G. Never in a millions years did I think I would enjoy a carrot this much. A carrot? Of all things, yes, a carrot. First of all, it was brought out to me with the grandeur of a Kobe steak. It was like, “Yea, I’m a carrot but don’t be fooled, I can bring it.” Oh, and did it ever. It was served with pumpernickel, sauerkraut, carrot mustard and carrot kimchee. Take note. Try it at home. It will not disappoint.
vedge6I was able to take bite out of this one, and it was really tasty. It’s smoked eggplant braciole with Italian salsa verde and cured olive. This was the dish that pretty much convinced me that vegetarians are on to something. And that making the switch really isn’t bad at all if you have great recipes like this at your disposal. Oh, and you do. There’s a Vedge cookbook!

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vedge11This work of art is avocado with romesco, pickled cauliflower, “fried rice” and black salt. Oh, it tastes as good as a it looks. I had one all to myself and took a bite of someone else’s. No shame. I was thoroughly enjoying this experience.

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Vedge Restaurant, PhiladelphiaSalt roasted gold beets with avocado, capers, dill, smoked tofu, “pastrami on rye”. I mean, need I say more?

Vedge Restaurant, PhiladelphiaOh, these are just fancy radishes with smoked tamari, yuzu avocado, pickled tofu and shishito. This a great dish to get for the table as condiments for everyone’s meal. 

Vedge Restaurant, PhiladelphiaDessert was a little hard for me because I can’t eat gluten but there are many delicious options if you’re all good with a bit of wheat – Blueberry cheesecake, blondies and sorbets … 

Vedge Restaurant, Philadelphia

Reservations book up fast so if you’re in Philly and want to visit Vedge, plan ahead. Even if you’re not vegetarian (I’m not), you will have a great time. Promise. 

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