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Ford ExplorerIf you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that I was out and about with the new Ford Explore Platinum for about two weeks. The best part of this experience was that I had the car on my birthday. And what did I do for this special day, you ask? I chilled.

I slept in. My fiancé made us breakfast. We drove up the mountains to enjoy the view. We ate ice-cream. We relaxed. My fiancé then prepared a savory scallop dinner. We relaxed some more and ended the evening with a couple of drinks. That’s what I call a great birthday. I’m not one for big parties anymore. Honestly, a day of no responsibilities is all the partying I need. Just one day. And I got to do it in the comfort of this ride. If you’re weekdays are hectic, I’m sure you totally get where I’m coming from. 

More than 7 million Explorers have been sold in the United States, making it America’s best-selling SUV for 25 straight years

Ford Explorer Platinum

The Ford Explorer Platinum had so many amazing features but what I loved the most was the adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support. As much as I love mountain views, I sort of freak out when we’re driving up to the top. It’s the New Yorker in me. Going up against nature while driving has never been my strong suit. Some of those hilly roads are narrow, and pretty scary. The Ford Explorer Platinum‘s radar can detect moving vehicles directly ahead and will change the cruising speed if necessary. That eased my mind for sure. The Lane-keeping system automatically detects left- and right-hand road lane markings using a front camera system, and the steering wheel vibrates if the driver begins to drift out of the intended lane. I didn’t realize that the Santa Anita mountains would feel like an eternity. I’m so thankful we had these safety features. I still refused to look down, but I knew the car would let me know if I was too close to an edge. If you’re shopping around for an SUV, I would definitely look into this ride. 

Boyfriend jeans and off the shoulder top Since it was going to be a chill day, I threw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and off the shoulder top. I’m a little late to this trend, and now I wonder why I have’t been dressing this way all along. This has to be the most comfortable, no-fuss outfit to put together. Plus, it nicely hides things you may not want to flaunt while accentuating your shoulders and neck line. Add a heel, and you’ve got yourself a comfortable yet sexy look. Or rock it with flats. 

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Ford Explorer: Front and rear cameras with washers: Both have wide-angle lenses and come equipped with a washer – a class-exclusive, segment-first feature

I just realized my outfit coordinates with the car. Not planned, I promise! But this blue is gorgeous. It’s rich color just adds to the already stylish (yet awesomely rugged) design. I love big cars. My mom (all of 5’3″) has a pick-up truck, and I just think it’s the coolest thing ever. 

ford (1)

I made sure to put this SUV to use while we had it. My teen cousin was visiting from New York so I had a full itinerary planned of things for us to do on the weekends. I’m currently working on a post with more details about the Ford Explorer Platinum 2016 and how awesome it was for the family. Stay tuned!

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