The Fall Memo

slouchysweater fall
What on earth am I doing wearing a sweater when it’s 100 degrees in Los Angeles? The weather here is so not cooperating. It gave us a hint of Fall last week, lured me into a comfy sweater and then decided it was going to be summer again. Come on, LA. Stop playing these mind games. It’s Fall!

bananarepublic crossbody
In the meantime (as I sit here with the AC on and a glass of ice water), allow me to share my love for the slouchy sweater and the cross-body bag. As much as I love a large satchel or tote, it’s not always the best option when you have neck pain or a ton of errands to run. You know me, I’m all about that comfort.
slouchysweater fall
“If you’re so into comfort, then why are you always in heels?” (Cue in Jim Gaffigan voice). I have no idea why my skeletal system prefers them. I actually get more back pain in flats. I wear them a lot as well, but after a few hours my lower back starts complaining. With heels (preferably a kitten heel) I’m actually fine. And I just could not resist dressing up my slouchy sweater with a pair of animal print pumps. I think they’re a staple shoe for this season.
steve madden leopardWait. I thought this was supposed to be style post. Instead it sounds like an ad for someone who needs help with aches and pains. Gosh. I can be such an old lady sometimes.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. After spending Friday night simply relaxing with a bottle of red and our favorite Asiago cheese, we spent Saturday with friends cooling off and celebrating birthdays in Malibu. I’m totally over the summer but there’s nothing like being at the beach during sunset but … (Psst, LA, waiting for that cool breeze again).

(Banana Republic pullover, crossbody, Steve Madden leopard pumps, Zara jeans similar)

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