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Reinventing yourself

I started this blog back in 2010. Back when bloggers were just realizing they can make a living off their own little corner of the internet. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I loved to write, I loved photography, I loved art and I loved to learn. I bought a URL, and the rest was history. I spent countless hours learning how to code, edit photos, edit my writing and market my work. My hustle eventually landed me a job with an Influencer marketing agency changing the trajectory of my entire life. I’d heard the term reinventing yourself before, but looking back at the last decade of my life, I can say I’m mastering the art it and it’s been amazing journey. 

Reinventing yourself 

You see, prior to starting theArtMuse, I was in the museum field. Much of the work model was very traditional, slower paced and, well, non-profit. The “influencers” stories we were conveying through curation and programming had been dead for centuries. This required a lot of meetings and took a long time. For example, “what Picasso story can we tell that will be fresh and how will we get people to engage with the collection? The show is set to go up in two years.” This is very different than what I do today, where everything was due yesterday and emails age by the second. But I knew deep down that the digital industry was calling me so I took a risk into a new career that was not so certain or well-defined at the time. I was also divorced and remarried. My ex and I were trying to “get along” for the sake of our son and my then husband worked really long hours and was hardly home. Notice I said “then.” Did I also mention that I am from NYC, but now live on the west coast and that I’m coming out of the fog of a two year chronic pain disorder? 

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When it comes to reinvention, I’ve earned a degree. Because nothing, and I mean nothing, ever stopped me from rolling up my sleeves to do the work I need to do in life and within myself. When something didn’t feel “right”, I went with my gut and made changes. If there wasn’t a path, I carved one. Where there wasn’t a door, I built one. When I was told no, I created a yes for myself. When I fell ill, I got to the root of my symptoms and started the healing process. To me, success lies in using the tools and resources given to us, and building the life we want. 

We’re not here to live within the confines of someone else’s definition of success and happiness. This is our journey. What we believe and think, we manifest.  

My corner of the internet, theArtMuse, is also going through a reinvention as well. As you noticed, I changed the theme and I’m adding more things that I love to share. The focus will be a lot more on using style, beauty, art and food as a way to reinvent, heal and to celebrate and nurture who we are as women. I even started a boutique, where I will share beautiful finds like these gorgeous artisan-made glass earrings. There will be more career advice, art and articles to lift, empower and inspire. 

Together, let’s thrive and live our best life yet! 





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