A perfect point

It was a Latina Magazine and Cover Girl celebration two weeks ago at the London – It was all about the perfect eye. I got to try Cover Girl’s Perfect Point Plus and Lash Blast Volume mascara.

I have very thin lashes that prefer facing south so I need all the help I can get when it comes to enhancing my eyes. My eyes are large and my lids heavy – of course my lashes would be sparse. Can’t have it all, can we? I typically use a black eye shadow and slanted edge brush to create a thin swoop above my lash line to help even things out a bit – but the pencil worked great too. I don’t do much blending during the day, but the Perfect Plus is great for that if you’d like to try a smokey eye. The Lash Blast Volume mascara didn’t clump either and easily came off with makeup remover. And my lashes looked full, which works great because unless I’m heading to a special event, I don’t have much time to glue on individual lashes. And as always, Latina Magazine threw a great party, comparable to the 15th anniversary party I attended last year.

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