low effort, high style

After piling food on to my plate and eating like it was the last supper, I can’t believe I had the audacity to get up for seconds. It was that good. Melissa’s Produce kindly extended a delicious lunch invitation over to me (and my over-active taste buds) to help them celebrate the launch of interior designer Nathan Turner’s book American Style: Classic Design & Effortless Entertaining.

The key word being effortless for me. I love to set a beautiful table but without fuss, and too much (of the boring) formality like the perfect china and silverware. During my years curating/coordinating art-related events for museums on a budget I learned how to make simplicity work. But can’t say I’ve incorporated much of that “use your resources” creativity at home. I suffer from “floral centerpiece” syndrome. I got some great ideas though – like using herbs and vegetables as table decor. I suggest you check out Nathan Turner’s book to get some great ideas for your table settings and party it up (even if it’s just you!)

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