Mal de Ojo

Mal de Ojo Azabache

Receiving a “Mal de Ojo” bracelet or azabache (typically has a black bead or hand) when you’re a baby is a tradition in my family. I still have the ones my grandmother gave me and the one she gave my son. The bracelet is intended to protect you from anyone who is envious or wants to inflict pain or harm on you. This belief goes back over 3,000 to ancient Greece and Rome, and is a symbol in many religions. 

The evil eye amulet is supposed to offset negative energy by staring back at it. 

Mal de Ojo

I can’t say that I’m highly superstitious but I do believe in energy and forces that are beyond our control. I strongly believe that my TMJ disorder was a manifestation of some serious toxic energy that I had to endure. It’s no coincidence that my two flare-ups happened right after stressful events with the same person. In my case, harm comes in the way of my health being impaired. I’m very sensitive and reactive to energy. 

With those lessons learned and the awareness about how my body responds to emotional pain, the amulet has become a symbol of what does not serve me. The eye is on the lookout when I’m not paying attention. I feel comfort in knowing that.

There are so many beautiful beautiful bracelets and necklaces out there. The one I’m wearing was gifted to me by my boss from Lasso is Love. They were part of our Latina Makers Market at #WeAllGrowMIA, and designed these bracelets just for the team. Their pieces aren’t complete without their Red Swarovski Charm, which represents good relationships and affection between people, which is something we prioritize in the company. 

Want to see more Mal de Ojo jewelry? Check out my evil eye Pinterest board or take a look at my selects below.

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