Defining your personal style

5 steps for defining your personal style
The older I get, the easier it has become to define my personal style. I’ve gone through so many fashion phases from grunge to super conservative to these-yoga-pants-will-do-just-fine.

But at the core of all these phases, lives a chick who loves her rock music, contemporary art and a whole lot of comfort. How does that translate in my clothes? Simple. Touches of leather, shades of black and fabrics that aren’t constricting – all under the umbrella of chic and edgy. Sometimes I play with color, different silhouettes or prints but for the most part I know what makes me feel good. And that took a lot of trial and error, and many fashion mistakes (like denim with pink embroidered flowers because the 90s).

If you’re caught somewhere in between online fashion overload and trying to identify what the heck to buy when you go shopping, I hear you. There are things I see online and at stores that I wish I could wear, but it does nothing for me, and that’s OK.

5 steps for defining your personal style

Look for inspiration

The great thing about blogging is that there is a fashion blogger out for just about anyone. Long gone are the days of sample size women dominating media. I love to see women having fun with fashion and owning who they are, whether they’re sporty, glam, retro, tall, petite and so on. Do hashtag searches on Instagram or type in your keywords into Pinterest.

BUT! Do not get sucked into it. Look. Get inspired. Make it your own. See it as a call to action to get out there and have fun with fashion.

Signature pieces

If there’s something you love wearing, then own the hell out of it. This past summer, I went all out on jumpsuits. Red, white, ankle length, long, short sleeved, you name it. It worked. This winter, I’ve been embracing capes. I actually got this one online at Tobi, which is odd for me because I don’t typically order online. But I was on the hunt for one that went with just about anything.

5 steps for defining your personal style
Werk with what you got

My weight fluctuates dramatically. I’ve always been that way so I’ve had to learn to embrace and dress my body wherever the scale chips may fall. However, no matter my weight at the time, my natural figure is pear shaped with curvy legs. When I shop, I look for pieces that hug closer to my upper waist  to create the illusion of an hour glass and and longer legs. Taking photos for this blog has also helped me see what works and what doesn’t. I suggest snapping pics of yourself in different looks to get a sense of what suits your body.

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Clutter is the antithesis to inspiration. If your closet is filled with things you’re never going to wear, get rid of it. Remove the dead weight and replace it with fresh ideas. Breathe new life into your closet. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

Trust your gut but …

Be flexible. A dress can look like a whole of nothing on the hanger, but a show-stopper on you. If it looks like your style but you’re unsure, try it on anyway. Can’t tell you how many times I ended up loving the “last resort.”



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