S’mores At Home

So I get this lovely package from Mary Kay with their latest in Holiday looks (post coming soon) and nestled inside the box rests all the ingredients needed for S’mores. Of course my son was standing right next to me like “You keep the makeup, I take the rest”. Sounds about right, he loves S’mores so I made him a few stove top style. All you need is a package of Hershey’s chocolate, large marshmallows, graham crackers and a skewer or cooking fork. Set aside a cracker with chocolate on top. Turn on your stove and slowly roast your marshmallows as if you were at a campfire (A little imagination helps too). Place marshmallow on top of your chocolate bar (I heated the chocolate too so it can melt faster), top with another cracker, and you got yourself a S’more. It’s messy, gooey and pure yumminess!
smores theartmuse

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