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If there’s one thing Los Angeles has it’s good food and great restaurants that are impeccably designed. Interior design is something I’ve always been fascinated with, primarily because it’s something I don’t think I’m very good at. Being surrounded by beautiful art most of my life certainly didn’t rub off on me when it comes to coordinating furniture pieces, textures and patterns, I’m afraid to say (but I’m working on it). I over-think it to a point of stagnation. I’ve been saying I’m going to design my home for years now, and have not taken the plunge. I admire and respect those who have the foresight to see how a space can be transformed. It’s something that’s been on my mind as of late, and I made it a point to share all these woes over the weekend with Heather Ashton, who is the designer behind Caulfield’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills. She suggested that I just go for it starting with a coat of paint. She also shared how she mixes vintage accessories, art and New York style into her designs as you can see by these images. As we sat and talked over a cup of coffee, I felt like I was at a bistro in midtown, relaxed in my leather armchair taking in the ambiance and listening to the soft hum of conversation around me. And that is exactly what I admire about interior design – the way it resonates with people and impacts your overall mood and experience.
caufields theartmuse
The owners of Caulfied’s Bar and Dining Room reached out to Heather to help refresh their restaurant, which is located at Thompson Beverly Hills. Upon entering the dining room, I noticed a chic banquette, beautiful antique mirrors, art work (I spied a print of The Absinthe Drinker by Degas), the lighting installation, window treatments and the leather armchairs and tables, which were custom designed. I also loved the antique white brick walls, which made the restaurant feel warm and cozy.
Now all I need to do is head back with friends. I found a perfect spot for a celebration dinner! To see more of Heather’s work, check out her portfolio.
caulfields heather ashton theartmuse

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