Juana Martinez-Neal

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Juana Martinez-Neal’s work makes me want to jump inside the pages of the book. I want to dance, fly and swim alongside her beautifully illustrated characters. Born in Lima, Peru Juana has been an illustrator since the age of 16 and comes from a family of artists. What I love the most? Her multi-cultural approach. Take a look at “Abuelita”. Is she not perfect? She reminds me of my grandmother. I can almost hear her voice and smell the aroma of food swirling around la cocina. I love when an artist can take me back home.

To see more work, Juana has a beautiful site and a fun blog. She’s also on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a wonderful weekend!

(“Poppy” from picture-book “Poppy’s Best Day Ever” published by Nestle Latino, “Oh, diver!” from upcoming picture-book “Dana’s Trip” published by Kalimat, “Kiss Good Night” from upcoming picture-book “The Night Before My Birthday Book” written by Joni Rubinstein)

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  1. Thank you all SO very much for your kind comments and to Rachel for writing this post. Reading your comments make me feel that I may be doing something right.
    I look forward to talking to you all via twitter, fb and here. Gracias!

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Juana’s work. I love the flow, energy, and vibrancy! I’m crazy about her use of color, not just her palettes, but as you mention, her choice of characters from different backgrounds. These choices make a deep, resonating impact on art and life.

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