Yoga and Sangria

This is a compensated post in collaboration with One2One Network, Eppa Sangria and Soybu apparel. Story and opinions are all my own.
eppa sangria soybu
Before I tell you all about the amazing time I had at the Eppa Sangria event in San Jose, I need to say that this post is so much more than a recap. This whole event was actually a really big deal for me.
Last week, I headed up to BlogHer14 with Ana and Yolanda on a fun all girl road trip to northern California. It was the first conference I’ve been able to attend since last Fall – a few months before I was home-bound from TMJD. I missed quite a few events/conferences/trips that were already scheduled because of vertigo and the 100 symptoms I describe in this post. I cannot express how excited I was that my first trip back into the conference world was for BlogHer. Not only was it their 10th anniversary but it was also the first conference I ever attended. To kick off the weekend, One2One Network invited me to attend their #NamastEPPA party with Eppa Sangria and Soybu, who gave me the awesome yoga top and capris you see in the pic. Soybu offers versatile women’s apparel that can transition from studio to street (or party!) and offers lots of options in active and lifestyle clothing including yoga pants, athletic tops, dresses, sweaters, wraps lots more. Their clothes have a lots of fun details and are super comfy …
eppa sangria soybu
This leads me to the second reason why this event was a big deal. I was not able to stand straight for months without the room spinning and equilibrium issues. The fact that I can even do this pose is a miracle for me. Even more miraculous is that I was able to do to this pose after drinking, oh, about 5 sangrias by the time this picture was taken. Which leads me to the third reason why this event was special for me …
Alcohol and TMJD do not mix well, especially if you already feel tipsy 24 hours a day. But that part of the flare-up seems to be over. Thank goodness. I’m finally able to enjoy a glass of sangria. And enjoy a sangria, I did. Eppa Sangria is made with certified organic wine, certified organic superfruit juices and carries 2x the antioxidants of red wine and 3x the antioxidants of white wine, which I love.
I’m so grateful for the invitation. What a perfect way to step back into the world I cherish and love. I got see old friends, make new ones and meet bloggers who I greatly admire. With a sangria in one hand and head to toe comfort, it was a laid back, fun evening. If you want to try Eppa Sangria too, you can get yourself a bottle at Whole Foods. I promise you will love it. If you want to grab yourself a chic yoga outfit, pick your favorite and take off 25% off with this promo code: #NamastEPPA. Limit of one coupon per household. Valid through Sept. 24, 2014.

(Pics are mine and c/o of Lucrecer Braxton)

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