I swear, I do smile and laugh a lot. But my 13 year old photographer son doesn’t tell me when my jacket is falling off one shoulder or when I look like I’ve fallen gravely ill under harsh shadows. The smiley shot didn’t make the cut this time around. The intricacies of the camera are just a few things my son and I are working on these days, and he seems to really enjoy it. As he snaps, we stop, go over lighting, ISO, aperture, how to go manual and so forth. Of course my wheels start turning and I immediately start researching digital photography classes for teens, along with sports, music … polo, archery, canoeing (because the internet does that to me) and all the things I’d like to expose him to. Then the jet-lag sets in and I start to realize I haven’t even made dinner yet and the laundry is piling up. One step at a time, woman.

Just when I start to shut my computer off, I get a delightful email from Ms. Sassiness herself inviting me out for a Mani day with friends and an opportunity to try out Salma Hayek’s beauty product line Nuance. After learning that the line was inspired by her grandmother, family heritage and travels around the world – I was all for it and anxious to see what they were all about. The first thing I got to try is the much raved about nail lacquer. I usually keep my hands very natural or stick to classic red but I really liked Deep Orchid for this time of year (Post-Holiday-Not-Yet-Spring-Season). And being the mama that she is, the polishes are formulated with non-toxic ingredients as well as bamboo extract, borage seed oil and vitamins, which are safe for little girls who want to paint their nails like mommy. I haven’t tried the hair products or the anti-aging creams yet – But will let you know if I look 20 years younger any time soon.

(Nuance is exclusively sold at CVS. Coat, Zara; Sweater, Zara similar here, Skirt: Asos; Shoes, L.A.M.B.)

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