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Tips for feeling more confident

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I like to see myself as a pretty confident person. But let’s be honest, no one is 100% all the time. There are days I feel meh and fall into the rabbit hole of more meh. I have doubts, I overthink and question my every move. During these (which can last hours or days), I need to take a step back and try a different approach to help shift my thoughts. 

Tips for feeling more confident 

Whenever you’re in a confidence rut, try these tips: 

  1. Groom. Let me tell you, when I’m in my meh rabbit hole, the last thing I want do is tackle this hair and get dressed the day. But really, there’s nothing more invigorating than a relaxing bath or shower. Wash off all the low self-esteem and start fresh.
  2. Smile. I kid you not. Just smile. This is actually a tip from Kimora Lee’s book Fabulosity. Trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. Let the brain do its job. I’m telling you, it works. It will give your confidence a boost. 
  3. Sweat. If you have internet access, you have no excuse. Put on some Youtube workout videos play some music, run in place. Do whatever you need to do to work up a sweat and get those endorphins going.
  4. Unplug.  If you’re on social media all day, it could be contributing to your feelings. There are tons of articles out there that link social media use to low self-esteem, lack of focus and depression. Unplug and party like it’s 1999, literally. 
  5. Dress. Keep it simple, comfortable and totally you (a little mascara and a gloss won’t hurt either). I racked up on dresses from Tobi a few months ago and am happy to have them on hand, especially on those days that I need a little help in the confidence department. 

A simple action can turn your negative Nancy thoughts into Postive (Polly?). We all go through it, but it’s up to us to turn it around. 


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