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If you were on my blog a few days ago, you probably noticed that I switched up this post. Long story short, a few things will be changing and resuming around here but more on that later. I really want to tell you about my recent visit to Las Vegas.
As I mentioned in the post (before this here revision), I’m a Vegas Virgin. I can’t really count a trip with a friend to help her with work and a conference a bona fide Vegas experience. But what does that mean anyway? What is a Vegas experience? With everything at your fingertips, I think it’s what you make it to be. In this case, the MGM Resorts invited me to see all the different facets of Vegas, which included fine dining, swimming with dolphins, shows, concerts and luxurious comfort by way of the Delano Hotel.
The Delano Hotel had been open just a few weeks before we stayed, and it was totally my kind of hotel – Intimate, stylish and modern with beautiful designs throughout. The hotel echoes the tropical, chic design of the Delano in Miami’s South Beach (with a desert touch of course), which I’m all about (I have a thing for Miami). The entrance is super chic with a stone entry, wood-slatted gate and a beautiful boulder from the Nevada desert. But what I loved most about the hotel was the personalized experience, amazing service and that a 24-coffee bar, lounge and café were minutes from your room with lots of tasty dishes and beverages to choose from. When I travel, I typically stay at massive hotels that don’t make grabbing a quick cup of mojo in the morning convenient. It typically requires a 100 story trip down to the lobby, which leads me to an escalator to another lobby that leads me into a corridor … You get it. It’s just pure torture for a person who needs a morning coffee to function.
Aside from the pillows, which are better suited for propping up to watch TV or read, the bed was fantastic. I slept like a baby and felt well-rested in the morning, which I needed to be because we had quite a full itinerary. But don’t feel bad about my busy schedule. One of my stops between wining and dining was the Delano’s Bathhouse Spa, which included a hot desert stone massage (o-m-g that was divine). Poor me. But I do have to admit that I was a bit nervous at first because the massages I get are therapeutic for treating TMJ disorder (hello, trigger point therapy and the stretching of my SCM muscle). But this was relaxing and gentle, so it all worked out just fine (one bad massage can set me back).
… But back to that suite I had the privilege of staying in. I love that the decor was all neutral colors with white linens and gold accents throughout the room and void of floral carpets and generic wall prints. The rooms feature large (ahem, sexy) photography of underwater scenes while the flooring is completely covered in a really pretty soft gray geometric print carpet. You can’t see it in this picture, but opposite of that couch hung a nice sized flat screen TV.
Urban Outfitters top and necklace, Zara skirt and heels

The day before our trip, I just looked at my closet aimlessly. The itinerary was full so I had no idea what to pack and I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough time to change in between events. Thank goodness I had a few old faithful rompers/jumpers that are easy to throw on quickly. I also made sure to pack comfortable tops that could go with jeans or a pencil skirt. Although Vegas was bordering on a 100 degrees, I had to wear my white faux pencil skirt with a slouchy tee for one of our dinners. It’s a silhouette that works for my body every time. I was ready to go but my packing wasn’t complete without lots of statement pieces to dress my outfits or to switch a look from day to night.

Stay tuned for a tasty post coming up, which will include my fantastic Vegas dining experience. Thank you so much MGM Resorts!

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