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I really don’t have the excuse of feeling the winter blues I used to get when I lived in New York. February was always a ‘bleh’ time of year, usually marked by exams, snow storms and lots of gray skies. Now that I live in LA and I work in social media, all we can think about is Spring, and all the beautiful trends, jewelry and fashion that awaits along with outdoor art shows and performances. It’s anticipation time, and I’m totally fine with that. I’ve had a terrible bout with TMD the last few weeks, which causes all types of pain and discomfort. I’ve found respite in yoga, acupuncture, a change of diet and Spring colors. Yes, colors. They have the ability to alter your mood, and I can’t wait to start adding more and more color to my wardrobe and around the house. During a break in the work day, I grabbed some costume jewelry from Target in orange to welcome all of the wonderful changes taking place. I love mixing these affordable finds and with my cherished jewelry pieces. Breathes new life into what I have in my jewelry box.

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