Old Hollywood Inspired Makeup

My mother always watched old Hollywood films when I was growing up, especially Katherine Hepburn movies. Her hair and makeup was always so flawless, and her personality and sass made her all the more perfect. I was more drawn to the Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr and Ava Gardner when it came to beauty and fashion icons.
But really, as much as I love old Hollywood glamour, it’s not exactly a look I can keep up most of the time. But if you narrow it down to the basics, you can definitely pull off an inspired look for a night out. I stick with inspired by and simple to do. All you really need is a great foundation, two eyeshadows, one mascara, one eye liner, a rosy blush and a red lipstick. Alright, you need a few more things but it won’t take that long, and you’ll be ready for your date in no time.
hollywoodvdaymakeup theartmuse

I broke it down step by step, product by product on Latinamom.

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