James Franco the rebel

James Franco the rebel

From yarn sushi to James Franco in drag – the art world never disappoints. Now, now if you’re an art critic (from NY) you can go ahead and express your anguish over this post. You’ve made your feelings about Deitch and Franco very clear – everywhere. Wait, if you’re an art critic you’re likely not reading my blog. It’s way too pretty and I like Deitch. But if you happen to pass by – Hello. I totally get what all the backlash is about. I do. However, I must be honest. I love it when feathers gets ruffled in the art world. It gets people into museums. And when this museum educator sees people line up to see a show, my heart gets all mushy inside.

If you’re in LA, REBEL is your opportunity to see the work of James Franco, Douglas Gordon, Harmony Korine, Damon McCarthy, Paul McMarthy, Terry Richardson, Ed Ruscha and Aaron Young’s work all in one space. The exhibit is an ode to the movie Rebel Without A Cause and includes photography, video installation, painting and sculpture all nestled in familiar Hollywood structures and avenues. Over all, I enjoyed the exhibit. But I strongly suggest you leave the kids at home.

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