How to make a terrarium

How to make a terrarium

Making a terrarium is so much fun and relaxing. Plus, they look beautiful so you can’t really go wrong making one and they’re easy to take care of no matter what climate you live in. They just need a bit of direct sunlight everyday and a few spritzes of water every two weeks or so.

I recently went to an event hosted by Red Bull, where we completely zenned out with meditation, affirmations and terrarium-making before indulging on an all vegan cuisine that was just divine. When you think of Red Bull, zen doesn’t come to mind, I know. But on a hot day, they make for an amazing fruity mocktail. It was actually pretty perfect. 

How to make a terrarium

I had so much fun making my terrarium, I just needed to share. Because I think everyone should have these in their home. 

What you need: 

  • You can go ahead and get yourself a fancy glass terrarium or you can use any glass container to start. Just make sure your container has a large enough opening for your plants – a vase, a fish bowl. etc. 
  • Sand, rocks. Your local craft store should have a nice selection of beads, pebbles, stones, gems. You can use aquarium gravel as well.
  • Potting charcoal. This is more important if you have a sealed container for your terrarium.
  • Succulents and cacti. Do your research on what you want first and make sure you don’t buy a plant that will eventually outgrow your terrarium. 
  • Soil. Different kinds of plants require specific kinds of soil. Be sure to ask if you’re buying the right stuff. For ex, succulents and cacti soil is a specific blend. 

How to make a terrarium

What to do: 

  • Fill the bottom of your container with about 1 1/2-inch layer of small rocks. This will help with drainage. 
  • Or if you’re terrarium is sealed, add a layer of charcoal to the bottom of your container. 
  • Get fancy. Layer your colorful gravel, beads and/or sand if your container is longer. Mine sort of looks like a strawberry cake, which is very telling about what’s usually on mind – food. 
  • Add a layer of potting soil made for your succulents and cacti – about 2 1/2 inches.
  • Organize where you want your plants and then cover the dirt areas with sand, rocks or stones. 
  • Landscape it up. It’s your creation. Have fun with it!

How to make a terrarium

My landscape included Rose Quartz, Selenite and Pryite. They say when you’re picking crystals and stones, you need to go with the one that just speaks to you. I always go for the Rose Quartz. Always. 

Rose Quartz is the harmonizer of the body’s energies, and aids in getting us back in touch with love while removing old emotional wounds. It’s the symbol for love and compassion. 

Selenite is another stone that symbolizes love. It also brings harmony and inner peace. This crystal is used removing blocks to healing, including aligning the spine (which just so happens to be my issue). 

It’s so interesting that I picked up the Pryite. It was my favorite stone as a child. It is a protective mineral and typically used to deflect harm and danger. 

How to make a terrarium

How’s that for a well-rounded terrarium? See why I want you to make one? It can serve as your personal healing garden. To get you started, I picked out some items to help get you started. 

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Photos: Mine and Red Bull

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