a tea party after dark


Long weeks require a DJ and a tea party. While my guys enjoyed their Harry-thon last Friday, I opted for a night of tea, dancing and art. It was so needed. The combo took place at the Pacific Asia Museum. I danced a bit, caught up with old friends … then sat quietly and took an amazing sip of tea at a lovely tasting. Moms, I’m sure you know that “sip”. The one that feels like a warm bubble bath … a massage … a cool breeze … 10 gorgeous men feeding you grapes … Wait, what?

OK, back to the story…

Linda Louie did an amazing presentation on the history of Pu-erh tea right before she served up a delicious cup of magic. I loved watching her hands. They moved so delicately as she prepared the tea. It was a slow, poetic movement in itself very soothing. The presentation was followed by words I shall live by, “Life is too short to drink bad tea”. I realized that I really REALLY needed to step up my tea game. The whole tea bag in hot water is synonymous with sweat pants – It’s like you’ve just given up.

Thanks P.A.M. and the Bana Tea Company for such a great evening.

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  1. “The whole tea bag in hot water is synonymous with sweat pants – It’s like you’ve just given up” made me cackle! I’m going to use this v. clever line. Gorgeous photography helped me take a “mini-vacation.”

  2. This looks like so much fun. I enjoy a good cup of tea, and the cute cups to serve in. Never has it felt like 10 gorgeous men feeding me grapes. :) Maybe 5. :) I might have to make my way to this place soon….every friday night?

  3. Oh! I didn’t know this was going on at the Pacific Asia Museum. This looks so interesting and close to where I live. Thank you!

  4. i loooove tea. currently have about 10 flavors that I need to get through. I love the experience of lounging out, candles lit, listening to jazz or classical and sipping on green or ooling! love the china in these pics!

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