Floral and lace

floral lace dress

My style posts usually go up on Mondays but I have a few things going on (sorry to be vague for now) and I’m also seeing a new chiropractor whose treatments are kicking my butt. The technique is QSM3 (Quantum Spinal Mechanics), which is basically a progression of NUCCA (national upper cervical association) — the type of chiropractic care I’ve been receiving for the last two years. My new treatment works on smoothing out the fascia, and is very gentle. But man, it knocks-me-out. I can easily nap for 4 hours afterwards and sleep just fine throughout the night. My body is begging for rest and TLC, and I’ve been making sure it gets it.

But not so fast. I have lots of content that I’m excited to share, including several summer looks like this floral and lace dress that’s perfect for a shower, birthday celebration, graduation or any summer event you have coming up.

Floral and lace dress

We still haven’t figured out our summer plans as of yet. My son signed up for two classes to help him get a head start for senior year. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe my son is going to be a senior! Didn’t he just graduate from middle school yesterday? In fact, this is what I wore to his graduation. It really doesn’t seem like that long ago. Oh my.

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Well, either way, whatever comes our away, I’ve got the perfect sleeveless dress to wear! I grabbed this one and a few others at my favorite boutique in South Pasadena, Jasleen. They’re my go-to place for pretty dresses and accessories. When I’m there, I shop in bundles. Well, it’s kind of how I do all of my shopping. I have jean shopping days or a day dedicated to just tops (to go with all the jeans I bought), mom/work-from-home/appointment clothes days (yes, I actually have clothes that strictly revolve around running errands and hanging out with my son) and, well, you get the point. When I get home, I piece my items together, mix and match and organize them in their respective areas for easy access. It’s just how my brain works. I need to focus on one thing and set it up categories or I get extremely overwhelmed. 

I bought this beauty on dress up day. I stocked up on several dresses that I can wear for the works events or date nights. 

floral lace dress

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