Born and made

 dressA few days ago, I took part in Carol’s Daughter campaign #BornandMade by simply posting a picture of myself online expressing pride in where I come from. The purpose of the #BornAndMade campaign is to encourage girls and women to be who they were born and made to be. So simple yet extremely powerful. Upworthy liked the campaign so much, they wrote a beautiful article about it (and even featured me!).

I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY by a strong and courageous woman. It wasn’t always easy for us, but I learned a lot about perseverance, courage and the pursuit of dreams.

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The Bronx – with all of its challenges during the 80s – was also the home of my family and loved ones. It’s where I spent many fun summer nights with friends, dinners with family, hanging out with my mom on the Lehman College campus, shopping on Fordham and going to church with my grandmother every Sunday. In fact, I love my community so much, I worked at the Bronx Museum of Arts for several years after graduating college. It’s where I’m from and who I am. It will always be home to me.

dress2Ivy + Blu maxi, Julianna Hough heels

Join the movement by sharing where you’re from and how beautiful you are too with a picture of yourself. It’s time to drown the negative nonsense online with pride and beauty.

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