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Comfort in uncertainty

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During the summer, my work at #WeAllGrow Latina Network came to end. The company downsized and restructured and let go of most of its staff. Even though I had faith everything would work out in the end (even if it just felt like wishful thinking), I was worried about what was going to happen next. I was in the middle of my TMJ treatment, my son’s child support was coming to end and we had just purchased a car. My son, fiance and I were in a bit of disbelief and really didn’t have much to say other than, wow, this sucks. Sitting with that kind of uncertainty was not fun for either of us to say the least. 

Comfort in uncertainty

But you know what, as much as it sucked when it was happening it was actually a blessing in disguise. The universe is a tricky thing. It moves things around in waves. One minute you’re comfortable and the next minute everything is a mess and you’re left having to figure it out all over again. That’s life. It’s a cycle of uncertainty. There’s no getting around it. All that matters is how we handle these moments. 

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Just when I was taking a breath from all of this, a wave of good fortune came by again. I put myself out there and got offered freelance immediately, which led to me starting my business. Another uncertain road but one that I’d been wanting to pursue for some time now. It was a sign that my time has come. My fiance had been in the process of looking for work months prior, and was offered a new position that came with a very nice upgrade. My son entered adulthood and started looking for work, and got an opportunity he’s in the middle of prepping for now. Right now, we are riding this wave. It’s full of uncertainty as well, but I’ve learned to get comfortable with it because nothing in life is guaranteed. 

As Mastin Kipp says – the quality of your life is directly related to the amount of necessary uncertainty you can comfortably live with. 

The more comfortable I am with uncertainty and recognize that anything can be gone in the blink of an eye, the more I savor each moment. The more present I am in everything I do, the better the outcome.

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