Wear high heels without pain

Wear high heels with no pain

I love wearing heels but I’ve had to limit the amount of time I keep them on. My feet get swollen, my back starts to hurt and I have to carry flats with me most of the time. Le sigh. Is it possible to wear high heels without pain? 

Why, yes. You absolutely can. 

If you’re like me – you love heels but they don’t love your feet – I’ve got a few tips for you. 

Wear high heels without pain

Wear the right size shoe

I know that sounds so obvious but our feet change overtime. I was still trying on the same shoe size from a few years ago. Turns out, I’m actually a half size bigger now. It’s pretty common as we get older, what are ya gonna do? 

Shop at night

If you really want to get a true measure of your foot to ensure comfort, shop at night. After walking all day, your feet naturally swell. That’s a sure fire way to tell if your heels will accommodate your dancing feet. 

Thicker heels

I love a sexy stiletto, but they’re not always practical. The good news is that chunky heels are in, and they’re so many gorgeous styles to choose from for day or night. 

Break in your heels

Before wearing a new pair of heels out for the first time, make sure you break them in. You can try a few things: Wear socks with your heels (in the house!). Do this several times in addition to setting a shoe stretcher over night. This tip works best with leather shoes. 

Shoe inserts

A definite must-have for heel lovers are Foot Petals. They’re plush shoe cushions that come in different shapes designed for a variety of problem areas. 

Sole Serum

Sole Serum recently sent me a bottle to try and I must say, it’s really soothing. I make sure to carry it in my purse when I go out because it feels so good on my feet after they’ve had enough. The cream is combination of lavender, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lidocaine. It’s non-greasy and gives immediate relief. If you’d like to give it a try, you can get 20% off using this link. 

Epsom soak

I use Epsom all-the-time. If your feet are not happy (especially the next day), soak them. Epsom is made of magnesium and sulfate, and is absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is amazing for tissue repair and muscle soreness. 

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