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target14With all the vertigo nonsense, I haven’t been to a brand event in quite some time. It was with fingers crossed and lots of prayer that I made it out without a hint of dizziness on Saturday to the Target Beauty Garden Party in Beverly Hills. It was certainly an awesome way to break back into the social world – Great food, fun people and, well, Target. Who doesn’t love Target? I can’t go into that store without leaving with a hundred things I had no intention on buying.
target8As if I didn’t love Target’s products and collaborations enough, they launched a Premium Skin Care Collection to take care of your beauty needs morning to night. I spoke with several Target Beauty consultants who were at the party about my skin care needs, and got a few great recommendations. I’m excited to try the Laneige products, which were suggested to me because I have combination skin and use Retin-A. My skin gets very dry and flaky, and needs extra hydrating TLC throughout the week. I’m always looking for a great gel or cream to keep my skin looking supple and flawless.
target2Loved meeting new beauty bloggers and women who are enthusiastic about looking and feeling their best. The party was in a beautiful home, so the vibe was super cozy and welcoming.
I got a bit picture happy because I just love party details. Products were spread about the estate and adorned with flowers, drapes and delicious food. Not one stone was left unturned when it came to creating a beautiful garden party setting. Exactly what I envision for myself when I shop for home decor and products. You got me Target. Tons of fabulous items under one roof for all my lifestyle needs!
It was a wonderful afternoon I plan on following up with a visit to Target this week. I had not talked to a Target Beauty Consultant when I’ve gone shopping before but I totally recommend it now, especially because their new collection is pretty extensive –Laneige, La Roche-Posay, MD Complete By Dr. Brian Zellickson, Borghese, Own SkincareVichy, and 29 Lydia Mondavi. If you try these products, let me know what you think!

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