Aging gracefully with nature

This post is in collaboration with Mirada de Provence
Aging gracefully with nature

Giving my body and skin all the love and nourishment it needs to go through its natural process over next several years is what I call aging gracefully. For me, it’s about staying positive, living in the moment, keeping myself inspired with art, taking care of my health, getting plenty of rest and being one with nature. When I don’t do this, my inner pilot light starts to dim causing me to feel and look like I’ve aged overnight.

When Mirada de Provence reached out to me about their botanical skincare line made in the Southeastern region of France, I had to say yes.  Like me, they believe in the power of aging gracefully with nature. Many women are surprised to learn that my “anti-aging” routine consists of natural ingredients, and that I swear by naps, water and eating plenty of greens to keep hair and skin smooth and supple. 

Aging gracefully with nature

Aging gracefully with nature

Getting sleep is huge for me. I cannot function without eight hours every night and the occasional nap. Not only does a good night’s sleep help with productivity, it also induces the production of collagen. I love my beauty rest so I make sure to get fully prepared for dreamland with a few of my favorite rituals and must-haves. 

  • A hot bath 
  • Silk pillow cases 
  • A bedtime meditation app
  • Linen mist

I tried the lavender scent from Mirada de Provence and I slept like a baby. Seriously, it was heavenly, soothing and simply divine. As I took my deep breaths in and out and visualized every muscle relaxing (as per my meditation app), I felt a sense of calm with every botanical inhale. The experience is what I call the perfect beginning to some pretty sweet dreams. 

Aging gracefully with nature

If I have any plans of having a productive work day, I need restful night and a nice, clean work environment. When I’m ready to start my day, I find good music, light some incense and moisturize my hands to prepare for a long day at the keyboard. I always have a bottle or tube on my desk, and I am currently loving the hand cream featured here. The hint aromatic herbs reminds me of a spa, which is not a bad place to be mentally transported to when you’re looking at Excel sheets all day! We don’t often think of it, but there’s a strong connection between smell and emotions. I highly suggest keeping a yummy fragrance or silky hand cream by your work space to help sooth your mind while you work.

Aging gracefully with natureAnother way I keep the years from piling up prematurely is by setting baths for myself at night. This is when I get to have my quiet time. I tried Mirada’s Fig-Lemon Cédrat body scrub and I literally just wanted to stay in the tub for the rest of the night. It smells amazing and it left my skin feeling fresh and smooth. 

Aging gracefully with nature

After my bath, I lathered on this body lotion because why not. I think I may need to add to my night time ritual list. Even though it says revitalizing because of its hint of citrus, it’s pretty amazing before bed as well. 

Spray lavender mist, turn on meditation app and repeat. 

To try these products out for yourself, head over to Mirada de Provence. They’re hosting a giveaway that sounds a lot of fun. Share an image of one of the ingredients used in their products in a creative way (recipe, selfie, crafts) with the hashtag #miradadeprovence on FB, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest for a chance to win this home spa gift basket
If you win, let me know!




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