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Here are a few snapshots of the Cover Girl event I attended on Sunday. The makeup line was introducing their 3 in 1 foundation – Outlast Stay Fabulous – which was designed for women like me who are always looking for an all-in-one foundation with the perfect shade. This has been an on-going thing for me. I used to get my liquid foundation custom made because my face, neck and chest are all different colors. I also found that too many shades leaned to the pink side. My skin color is very yellow/olive and cool as opposed to warm. I used Asian makeup products because they were less pink (and still do) for years before mainstream brands finally started adding more hues to their foundations. Make up artist Luis Casco was at the event and played around with two colors to match my skin, and it was really on point. I also love that in one bottle, you’ve got your primer, concealer, and foundation all together. The foundation went on really smooth, and it covered really well. I naturally have a bit of dark under my eyes and I get acne here and there, so I was impressed at how even my face looked. Oh, and it’s not photographed here but I also tried this lip color, and absolutely love it for Spring, or any time of the year.

Thank you Cover Girl and SLS Beverly for a wonderful afternoon.

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