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The Chado Tea Room and an afternoon of beauty talk with friends and makeup artist Mauricio Burgos was certainly a welcomed treat this week. First I have to say that Chado’s white tea with coconut and vanilla was seriously the best I ever had. And I ate enough finger sandwiches to make a sub. Everything was really that delicious and has sparked a new interest in the world of teas. We also used honey instead of sugar in our tea, and I actually liked it a lot better. I’m sure my doctor would like that too, as I’m actually supposed to lower my sugar intake (more about that another time). Alternative ingredients is high priority on my list these days, and that includes making more of my own skin creams and scrubs as well. An Inside and Out effort. In fact, I love natural products and rave about the benefits of honey for your skin so much, I recently created a Honey SkinCare gallery with several awesome recipes at Latina-Mom-dot-Me. Like most moms, I have my moments where I let my skin go. The moment I do, it shows. Even if you’re busy, it’s important to replenish your skin and keep it moisturized. Honey is a humectant – it attracts and retains moisture and there are tons of great recipes you can try to keep your skin glowing. It’s also just good for the soul to do something good and relaxing for yourself. Mauricio created several honey recipes for those of us who are always on the go. Check them out.

Thanks so much Chado Tea Room and The National Honey Board for a wonderful afternoon. Nicole, muchas gracias for your help with the pic of me.

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