{Mother’s Day Giveaway} Tender Romance perfume

Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren

“Tender Romance evokes both the sweetness and innocence of falling in love for the first time.”— Ralph Lauren

I would love to give away this delicious fragrance for Mother’s Day to celebrate love in all its forms. Whether you’re raising a family with the love of your life or doing it on your own, love is at the center of everything we do as mothers. And there’s nothing like dabbing a bit of perfume to say I love me too.

{Mother’s Day Giveaway} Tender Romance perfume

Tender Romance is a lovely fragrance for Spring with notes of ginger, pear, bergamot, jasmine, ginger lily, benzoin and musk. It’s designed to feel like a delicate caress of pure white magnolia and silky soft cashmere. I mean, they just need to make a candle out of it.

To enter to win a 3.4 oz bottle valued at $96.00, please tell me in the comments about the first time you experienced true love. The giveaway ends on Saturday, April 30th at 3pm PT. The winner will receive an email in addition to me announcing it here on the blog. The winner must respond within 48 hours otherwise another winner will be chosen. US only. The winner will be randomly chosen through Random.org. Good luck!

Update: The giveaway is over. 

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  1. The first I was truly in love was 4 years ago to my now fiance. He is my best friend and the only one in the world that truly knows me. (and loves me anyway) We are in love with each other and with life.

  2. The first time I found true love when I went out with my BBF Lisa and I saw this older guy at a bar I never felt like this I was very nerves and my BBF Inner change phone numbers.

  3. I experienced true love for the first time when I was in my early 20’s. I met him at a Christian function through a mutual friend. My feelings for him were more than his feelings for me and years later I found out he was gay. Oh well, life goes on. I have been single ever since.


  4. The first time I experience true love, wasn’t with my first boyfriend or even my first childhood crush. My first time I experienced true love was when I was born. It was when I first met my mother and father the day I was born. I’ve always known from the day I was born, my parents overwhelmingly loved & cherished me. By experiencing their unforgettable love & affection, I know what true love is & I know that any other love that comes my way, will not compare to theirs. That is my first experience of true love.

  5. SUCH an easy question. When I met my husband, I saw his soul through his kind eyes and that’s all it took. It’s been a wonderful journey for over 15 years.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    I am a new subscriber to your blog and love your posts. Your style has inspired me to try new trends and looks that I would not have thought of otherwise.

    I met my boyfriend (and first boyfriend may I add) almost two years ago at a wedding. I had not planned on attending this wedding and neither did he (as my boyfriend later told me). He asked me out to dance, I not thinking much of it, and at the end of the night he asked for my phone number. I dialed it in to his phone and he thought I saved a random number. He texted the number I gave him and he was happy to discover I actually did give him my number.
    It took my a while to open my heart to this man as I was very focused on my career goals and not really wanting a relationship at the time. Well, as many say, love happens when you least expect it, and this was my case. With his romantic ways in many of our dates, he slowly but surely won my heart. He has shown me a different kind of love, true love. Love that is kind, selfless, and fun! We are now about to reach our two year anniversary and our love is still strong and growing.
    Voila! That’s my a quick short story as to how I experienced true love.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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