OK, Target. We get it. You are awesome. Your store, your products and your partays. This is my second Target event (last year’s Target Beauty luncheon was just as lovely), and they just don’t disappoint when it comes to details and location. The space was intimate, cozy and filled with succulent flowers, delicious healthy meals, refreshing drinks and awesome company …
Meet Joy and Jessica – Two amazing women who bring lively design and wonderful products to Target. You can really see how much they love what they do, and how hands-on they are with their brands. I actually caught Ms. Alba rearranging products a few times and making sure everything looked its best. But no matter where everything was, you can’t wrong with her company’s packaging. The products are designed to add to the beauty of your home decor (unlike like most cleaning products you want to hide in your sink). The bottles are rich with color, modern floral details and multi-cultural inspirations.
target honest company
I can’t say that I was too familiar with Honest products, and saw them more as a company for baby products. I had no idea there were so many green cleaning products to choose from – And they work. Come on, you know that some eco-friendly products can be a bit too mild and don’t always do the job. I haven’t experienced that with Honest’s Liquid Dish Soaps at all.
honest at target
honest co target
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am obsessed with the Lavender Vanilla Air Freshener. I have two cats and a house that gets filled with teen boys, so air freshener is a necessary item.
This event inspired me to head back to Target to get a few more things from this brand because I personally like buying products who pride themselves on integrity and authenticity. If you haven’t been shopping Honest, check them out at Target!
target honest co

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