Spring nails

spring nails
I don’t fuss around with my nails too much, as I can never stick to a schedule for manicures. And I’m at the computer most of the day so it just doesn’t occur to me to get them done professionally. I tend to do my own manicures and pedicures at home. But it’s Spring so I treated myself to a ME day at the salon courtesy of Domain.me.

Spring nails

#MEday is technically on March 16th, but I wasn’t able to see my manicurist on that day and I had a ton of work I needed to finish. All good though. It was worth the wait. When I got to my appointment, I was immediately reminded that I had not been in to see my manicurist in two years. Wow. Two years? That’s how long I’ve been grappling with this TMJ disorder. As I sat in my chair drinking a green tea, the nostalgia hit me and I seriously felt like crying. I remembered all the times I made appointments over the years for events, travel and date nights with my fiance, who used to fly in from Florida to see me. It felt like so long ago. All those wonderful memories had been clouded with doctor and dentist appointments, worry, fear … And all the “fun” stuff that goes into dealing with chronic pain. Nails? Not so much.

It felt great to be back. I requested an almond shape nail with Essie fiji (pedicure too!) to celebrate the beginning of more salon visits. I’m still not 100% better, but that visit was very uplifting … and I definitely want more of that. There are way too many spring nail colors I need to try!

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