Why you should get Transitions lenses

transitions lenses theartmuseIn my last post about my Transitions® Lenses, I talk about the reasons why I had to get my eyes examined immediately and the process of picking out lenses for my face. Well, it wasn’t much of a huge process. I knew that I wanted a bit of color and a cat eye. I was a lot more concerned about the way they would look with different outfits and that forced myself into getting in the habit of wearing them. I go from jeans to dresses all the time, and needed frames that could play chameleon with me in the spur of a moment. I tried many different frames, and went with a combo of everything I liked – A bit of red, a slight cat eye and a frame on top only. The latter comes from constantly being aware that that there’s a frame on my face. I know that sounds weird if you wear glasses all the time. I hope to get over that because I love all of the glasses Irma Martinez wears in her Transitions® Lenses videos. I’ve got my eye on her red ones.

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transitions lenses theartmuse

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This is what they look like when I’m outdoors (here are my Transitions® indoors). I love that they adjust to whatever light I’m in! It looks super sleek with the frames I picked out. They’re so versatile, I can also wear them with any makeup style. I can go from neutral to bold red without an issue. Typically, if you have a colored frame, you want to stick with softer makeup look. If you have a black frame, they go beautifully with a red lip. They’re also awesome for people like me who forgets everything. It’s so much easier not switching out my glasses for sunnies all the time.
transitions lenses theartmuse

3 reasons why you should get Transitions® lenses

They are available in a variety of colors that complement many frame style and skin tones

Transitions® lenses are incredibly stylish and available for nearly any prescription

The technology has evolved over the past 25 years with dramatic improvements in indoor clarity, outdoor darkening, fade back speed and color quality.

Check out Irma Martinez’s tips for styling your frames!

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