Going Bronde

brondeBeautiful things happen when you come out the fog of being ill. I feel like I’m finally done with that dreadful chapter filled with an overwhelming amount of lessons. I feel much better … But I can’t say I’m completely healed yet. I’m now entering my transition chapter. Every day is a new page filled with new opportunities, a new outlook, and new a definition of what it means to be healthy.

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When I started feeling like my old self again a few months ago, I cut bangs. I’ve had bangs for a good part of my life so cutting them was my way of going back to a time where I felt the most free. Fortunately, it was a hairstyle that stands the test of time because teased hair would not have worked out so well today (I definitely dabbled in a lot of hairspray during the 80s). It was a fun experiment. But I’m so ready for them to grow out!

Cutting bangs was just not enough for me. I felt like my hair was too dark and heavy, and that it either needed a new shape or color. I wasn’t sure. I had been contemplating going light, but didn’t want to do the ombre again – Although it really is one my favorite looks. I started browsing colors online, and I kept going back to Jlo’s hair color. I think it’s a great “blonde” for olive skin. The honey tone gives off a nice anti-aging effect as well. I feel it softens my face a bit. When you’re not 25 anymore, these are the things you think about when coming up with a hair style suitable for you.

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The next step was finding someone who would be up for the challenge of coloring this head of hair. I’ve worked with a few stylists in the past but I wasn’t convinced about returning. They were good but I felt there was someone out there better suited for me. I’m so picky when it comes to my hair. I have so much of it and I’ve had a lot of not-so-great experiences.

During one of my Dry Bar visits, I noticed that the woman styling my hair had a striking color that only a professional colorist could have achieved. I started a conversation with her about hair, color and beauty stuff … and asked if she had any suggestions. She told me she works as a colorist as well and showed me her work. She seemed to really get what I wanted so I scheduled an appointment with her – and the rest is pretty much history. I now have bronde hair (which is basically a marketing term for brunette/blondish hair). The process took all day. I’m not kidding. I think I was at the salon for about 6 hours. This is why I overthink my styling options. Hair salons for me are an all day commitment. She was so incredibly thorough and detailed oriented … I can’t imagine going to another colorist. When you find the right stylist, that’s it. My hair has so many beautiful blonde tones and textures, and my roots were carefully colored to allow growth without looking so dramatic between touch-ups.

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I’m excited to try fall and winter makeup looks with my new color. Most people go light for summer, but I actually love the way lighter hair looks in the winter. It’s a nice change for me as I continue to heal. Getting your hair done or creating a new look is such an empowering way to celebrate the changes in life.

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