Barcito LA PALOMA tequila, habanero, grapefruit, agave
We were recently treated to a savory dinner at barcito in DTLA (South Park, a few blocks east of Staples Center), and I need to tell you all about it. Because look at that drink. It was as good as it looks. Also, this Argentinian gem will be featured in dineLA’s summer series from July 14-28. If you’re planning your must-eat spots, make sure this one is on your list.

DTLA’s Argentinian gastropub barcito


I live in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles and have done more exploring outside of California than I have in my own backyard. DTLA is so close but I never make my way there unless it’s for work or an art show. Sad, I know. There are so many one-of-kind spots like barcito – a modern Argentinean restaurant from Andrea Borgen, which pays homage to her heritage and the classic corner bars that are commonly seen in Argentina.
Barcito LA HANDKERCHIEF PASTA sundried tomato romesco, burrata, basil
Before I go into how amazing everything was, I want to mention a few things. This is a no-tipping restaurant, which means the price-point is slightly higher (but still very affordable). The plate sizes are also just right. As in, you will not walk out of there with food coma and can actually enjoy whatever it was you planned to do. Unless of course you order two of their La Asado braised short ribs, which could very well happen because it is that good. More on that later.

We started dinner off with their Paloma drink (made with tequila, habanero, grapefruit, agave) and their Sangria (made with rosé wine, stone fruit, light rum). You cannot go to barcito, and not have a tragito (or two). Both drinks were very smooth with a kick.

Drinks were followed by their Handkerchief pasta dish made sundried tomato romesco, burrata and basil, which (from what I heard because I can’t eat gluten) was divine. I had the polenta made with mole negro, chicken skin, queso fresco and arugula. Um, I could have eaten another plate. This was so good. I loved the different textures, especially the crispy (and deliciously seasoned) chicken skin which added that perfect Latino touch.

Barcito LA POLENTA mole negro, chicken skin, queso fresco, arugula

DTLA’s Argentinian gastropub barcito

Barcito LA CHORI-BURGER housemade sausage patty, parsley slaw, brioche bun

Another dish I did not have because of the bread (but it was certaibly raved about) was the La Chori-Burger. A burger made with chorizo. I mean, enough said. I did get to taste the parsley slaw, which was so good. But I didn’t want to indulge too much, as I needed to keep my palette clean for the La Asado braised short rib with cauliflower and chimichurri (which I can basically eat jars of it, if you let me). The meat was so tender it just melted in my mouth.

Barcito LA ASADO braised short rib, cauliflower, chimichurri

And then there was dessert. Do you know how happy it makes me to be able to eat dessert at a restaurant? Usually, ice-cream is my only option (which I’m not really a big fan of), so I was elated to see that La Orange Pot de Creme was GF sans the shortbread cookies.

Barcito LA ORANGE POT DE CRÈME thyme shortbread

DTLA’s Argentinian gastropub barcito

Hungry yet? Check out barcito’s Dinela prefixed menu!

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