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Halloween cheese skull

Cacique cheese halloween

This post is in collaboration with Cacique and Society Culinaria

Do you want to create an edible centerpiece for your grown folk Halloween shindig but a little nervous about your artistic skills? No worries, I got you. This cheese skull may look super detailed and sculpted but it’s the easiest thing to make. I promise.

Cacique cheese queso fresco

Halloween cheese skull

Now, you can’t just use any cheese for your centerpiece. You need something with Latino sabor. I used Cacique’s Queso Fresco because it is seriously my favorite kind of cheese, and I can pretty much eat it all day. Plus, if you mix it with cream cheese, you can create a really nice spread for your guests.

I used 5 oz of queso fresco and 4 tablespoons of cream cheese. I whipped it up with two tablespoons of milk in my Vitamix until I got a nice, creamy texture. I gently spread the mix over a skull that I got at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. They have masks, baking molds and lots of skulls in different sizes that you can use as well.

Cacique cheese

I added layers and layers of cheese so that guests can get a nice scoop on their veggies or crackers. It takes a bit of patience to get a smooth surface if that’s what you’re going for. But it doesn’t have to be perfect. Have fun with it.

Cacique cheese halloween

For a little extra gore, add ham or prosciutto to make it look like peeling skin. You can cover the skull or just do pieces like I did.

For the eyes, keep it simple. Olives will do just fine.

cacique cheese halloween

Another cheese you must have on your table is Cacique’s Manchego. Just because. You centerpiece is not complete without all the cheese.

For my centerpiece, I used old silver plates and covered them with black vintage clothes to give it a 17th-18th century feel, which is why the table is also filled with dark grapes and figs. I was channeling my inner still life painter.

cacique cheese halloween

This is always such a fun time of year for us. It’s pretty interesting to see how my decor changes and matures as my son gets older. No more googly eyes and “scary” masks hanging around the house on Halloween anymore. Now I seem to focus on incorporating the seasonal events into my decor. You know, instead of just throwing up cobwebs everywhere.

Even if your kids are grown, it’s still fun to celebrate, pass out candy and create a beautiful tablescape. If you give this a try, let me know!

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